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Our business

We started in 1994, driven by our passion for pure and traditional Greek flavors. The reputation of our products soon reached well out of the small circle of friends and family, whereas their quality soon advertised the best way: mouth to mouth. More than often we had to disappoint some of our friends, as the supply was never enough to satisfy the demand for our vineleaves.

Today, our activities include the cultivation of our vineyards, the creation of products based on the grapevine and, of course, the sales and distribution of the entire range. However, our love for what we do and our commitment to producing organic, high quality products still remains at the highest level - just as when we started.

It was this same "meraki" and the continuous high levels of quality that drove us, through the years, to being at the top of consumer preference, not only in Greece but abroad alike.  

Thank you all for your confidence and trust. Our promise is to keep working in the same way, so that you and your families may enjoy our pure, uncompromised quality products.

The Kazakis family



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